Auriga Elite Gold

Auriga Elite Gold

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Auriga Elite (GOLD)

Auriga Racing boots guarantees a custom fit feel to every skater. Thanks to a specially designed shoe last separately for skaters from different global regions. Every pair of foot is different from another; its anatomy is different region wise. We have decided to develop a separate shoe last for skaters from;

  • Indian Subcontinent Region;
  • South East Asian Region;
  • European Region;
  • North American & South American Regions;


Every pair of feet is different; we have taken samples from skater’s feet from different parts of India, South Asia, Europe, and North America. Sports Clubs, Coaches, skaters, and their families from these regions has played a major role in collecting and sharing this data with us. In order to collect this data more accurately a photographic instruction manual has been developed and shared with sample group enabling them to measure their feet accurately using the correct methods displayed in the manual. This has enabled us to analyze the data and to find the dimensions of a perfect pair of skate boot for skaters from different parts of the world according to their respective regions, hence developing an almost custom fit pair of boots for all Indian skaters as well.


The aim of this study was to compare the dimensions of human feet between the sexes and between different geographical regions, based on a large data set of 3D foot scans collected in a retail environment. Age, height, weight, ethnicity, regular sport activities, foot injuries, foot conditions, usual footwear size, and other attributes have enabled us in additional valuable analyses. 

The foot length distributions show substantial differences across regions and between the sexes. Customers in Asia have shorter feet than customers in North America and Europe for both sexes. Female customers have shorter feet than male customers in all regions.

This study confirms that male and female Asian customers have significantly wider feet than European and North American customers, who have very similar mean widths. On the other hand, European customers have significantly higher instep height than North American customers,

This study confirms significant differences of mean widths, instep heights, and heel widths between male and female feet in all three geographical regions. The largest differences were observed for mean instep heights and widths, while the differences in heel widths were lower. The practical implication of the significant differences in foot dimensions among the 3 global regions and between male and female feet within each region is that skate boots would have to be developed separately for each region and sex in order to take these factors into consideration.

In summary, boots should be developed separately for each region and sex in order to take into account the differences in foot measures between the regions and the sexes. Boots for the Asian market should be made wider compared to the shoes for the North American and the European market, and shoes for the European market should be made higher in the instep compared to the shoes for the Asian and the North American market. Male shoes for all 3 regions should be made wider and higher in the instep compared to female shoes. For all regions and both sexes, shoes should be produced in several widths in order to provide proper fit to a larger percentage of the customers



The Boot Shell:

 We have designed a completely new boot shell made of Carbon fiber specially outsourced from Japan. The shell is designed separately for Indian, South Asian and European skaters as the anatomy of their feet are different hence a separate shoe last to be designed and developed after analyzing the collected feet data from different parts of global regions. Result is a custom like snug fit in every pair of Auriga stock boots.


Carbon Fibre:

Auriga Racing boots are made from high strength Carbon fiber specially sourced from one of the worlds’ top carbon fiber manufacturers in Japan. The layers of carbon fiber are laid down unilaterally giving the maximum utilization of fiber to get strength from it using the special kind of resins.

The Toe box:

The toe box is designed in accordance with the findings of the study and developed in such a way that your toes and fingers remains fresh even after hours of skating. Tow box has enough room and your feet does not feel squeezed at any point even when you’re at your top speed even at the corners.

 The Foot bed:

 The all new foot bed enables the skaters to use their power transfer from every push through the boot- to the frame- to the wheels- and finally to the surface and in response you get an unparalleled amount of rebound from the surface resulting in acceleration from each stroke.

The Heel-Pocket:

 The new anatomically designed padding system and lining inside the heel pocket is redeveloped for the most comfort inside and giving you the optimum snug fit that even after hours of training or racing, the skater’s feet feels fresh not unlike the other stock boots available in the market where the current padding system actually squeezed the pressure points of ankle and heel area instead of giving support and comfort.

Edging & Control:

Auriga Racing boot used a special nine hole mounting block made of 7075AL giving a skater more option to mount the boot.




Heat Moldable Shell:

All Auriga Racing boots are manufactured with high strength carbon fiber layered uniquely which offers the right balance of stiffness and responsiveness. They are fully heat moldable which allows you to make changes in the desired area to get the perfect fit resulting in maximum power transfer from each stroke, and unmatched top level performance without compromising the comfort.


Anatomically shaped Toe box and Heel Pocket:

Anatomically shaped Toe Box and Heel Pocket provides improvised lateral support to get the maximum power transfer. The unique vertical shaped minimalistic but adequate padding in the heel pocket is newly developed by us and It does not squeeze the pressure points even after long hours of speed skating.


Microfiber Upper and Lining:

Our premium microfiber offers excellent properties such as hydrolysis resistance, aging resistance.  It has outstanding abrasion resistance, high tear strength, tensile strength and flexing endurance etc. It offers very good uniformity, sleek and aesthetic design, high dimensional stability. Its Anti-bacteria, anti-odor.


Dual Density Padding:

Our dual density EVA padding offers a firm support inside the boot for a snug fit experience resulting in utilization of power transfer generated from each strong even on tight corners. EVA provides cushion, spring (rebound), and is resistant to hardening and cracking. It also resists UV radiation, doesn't absorb water, and stays flexible in the cold, all of which make it very useful for speed skate boots.


Nine holes Mounting Slots:

The unique nine holes mounting slots made of AL7075 material offers a wide range of options to mount the boot on a frame as per skater’s choice for a maximum power transfer in each push.




EU36 – EU46
100% Carbon Fiber 
Fit System: 
Traditional Lace Closure
Waxed Coated Bungee Cord Thread
Micro Adjustable Buckle
345 Grams ½ Pair Boot Size 41

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